Countertop washbasins

Elegant countertop washbasins in various shapes

Your top sink is the most used element of the bathroom. Enjoy the flowing shape and high-quality material in the morning when shaving, in between when washing your hands and in the evening when brushing your teeth. Our Bette design with its symmetrical construction combines everyday activities with stylish aesthetics.

The secret of our custom-made products lies in the use of glazed titanium steel, which is manufactured by hand to create an individual countertop washbasin and is characterised by its precision craftsmanship.

Top sink: Designs and materials at a glance

The countertop washbasin is the classic among bathroom furniture. In combination with a beautifully shaped fitting, the excellent models are particularly effective and complement your bathroom furnishings. Select the design of the countertop washbasin to match the rest of the bathroom’s fittings and colour scheme. We offer you different colour combinations and dimensions for each model.

Our architectural washbasins have a unique look and impress with their high quality and durability.

Properties of glazed titanium steel:

  • Light, thin material
  • Impact and scratch-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • UV and heat-resistant
  • Durable
  • Hygienic

Bette countertop washbasins: round, stylish, durable

Bette stands for distinctive product design that is oriented towards the user and offers him exactly the bathroom furniture that suits him and his bathroom. We equip your bathroom with stylish and high-quality countertop washbasins that focus on the essentials and stand out with their distinct appearance.

Depending on your style of furnishing and personal preference, choose a washbasin in aesthetic sanitary-ware colours such as pergamon, Bahama beige or edelweiss. We also stock tasteful washbasins in special-effect colours, which we produce to individual measurements and which give the room a sophisticated flair. Or you can choose an elegant, small add-on washbasin, for example for a guest bathroom.

Advice & installation: Installing a round countertop washbasin in the bathroom

Our hand-made countertop washbasins give you plenty of scope for bathroom design. Which colours would you like to combine? Which fittings should be installed? Our BetteArt models in perfect symmetry and BetteCraft washbasins with delicate materials are very popular, for example – Let yourself be inspired!

We will be happy to advise you on the various countertop washbasins. Together with our experienced Bette experts, you can choose the ideal countertop washbasin that will make a significant contribution to the style of your bathroom and will be your companion for years to come.

Discover unique countertop washbasins in round or oval

The Bette countertop washbasin will surpass your expectations of quality thanks to its precise shaping technology and its manufacture in glazed titanium steel! It complements the style of your bathroom and fits tastefully into the ambience with its clear appearance. Transform your bathroom into a wellness oasis that attracts everyone’s attention, with a washbasin and stylish washbasin accessories, for example.