Washbasins for the bathroom in unique designs

Impressive accents can be set in the bathroom with our washbasins made of glazed titanium steel. These favourites are manufactured with handcrafted precision and transform your bathroom into a luxurious wellness oasis that promises pure pleasure for all your senses. With washbasins from Bette, you can create your own individual washing area and equip it with matching washbasin accessories.

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Discover modern washbasins in various models

You have the choice between built-in washbasins, wall-mounted washbasins or substructure washbasins, which we manufacture for you in high quality. A special trend are our freestanding washbasins, which have become more and more popular in recent years. These washbasins break the usual boundaries of the room and are an architectural stylistic element that creates a unique, open ambience.

Enjoy the feeling of crystal-clear water from a modern tap running over your hands and collecting in your built-in washbasin. Whether you choose a minimalist, straight-lined basin with stylish fittings or a spacious wall-mounted washbasin with playful ornaments – enjoy the pleasure of a flowing design.

Luxury for the bathroom: washbasins made of glazed titanium steel

A contemporary bathroom is a personal home spa, which is characterised by high-quality washbasins and impresses with an individual, fresh look. Glazed titanium steel in particular, is very versatile. The material combines the typical white surface with an impression of quality that is hardly possible with other classic solutions. Glazed titanium steel has really defined edges, stands out with its flawlessly smooth and even surfaces and, on top of that, has the same hygienic properties as ceramic, which is the material used mainly in bathrooms to date.

Its high durability makes glazed titanium steel something special. This is because the combination of steel and glass is extremely hard, permanently dimensionally stable, is scratch and impact-resistant and insensitive to cleaning agents. A washbasin made of this material can be considered an acquisition for life because it does not age and its hygienic, easy-to-clean surface shines like new even after many years.

We will build you your individual washbasin in glazed titanium steel: within the scope of our custom-made products you can, for example, have your double washbasin fitted with matching tap holes in a striking colour.

Which is the ideal height for a washbasin?

The height of the washbasin is measured from the top edge to the floor and according to DIN 68935 it should be between 85 and 95 centimetres. In your own home you have considerably more leeway: You can decide yourself which height you would like your washbasin to be.

We recommend:

  • For men: 90 centimetres
  • For women: 82.5 centimetres
  • For couples: 86.25 centimetres

As a rule of thumb, the sink should be installed at half the body height; depending on the design, the base cabinet is installed underneath. This applies to shapes such as the rectangular washbasin as well as oval shapes.

Select a washbasin from various product lines

Bette has an attractive range of washbasins: the artistic washbasin BetteCraft captivates with its delicate design. The BetteLux Shape line is supported by an elegant steel frame, the wide peripheral rim is characteristic of the BetteOne washbasins and the extremely narrow side walls of the BetteArt washbasins.

Furnish your bathroom according to your personal taste. With washbasins from the BetteLoft line we offer you a strictly geometric basin shape or you can choose an oval washbasin from the BetteComodo line or the BetteLux Oval Couture line. The washbasins can also be configured in any colour. You will find matching coloured drain covers in our washbasin accessories.

Buy high-quality manufactured washbasins

Take a look at our range of luxurious washbasins and enjoy maximum scope for fitting your bathroom. If you would like to buy an individually manufactured washbasin or have questions about our products, simply contact a Bette dealer near you or send us a message using the contact form.