Floor level shower trays

Floor level showers: Shower stylishly at ground level with Bette

Today it is hard to imagine modernised bathrooms without floor-level shower trays. They are timelessly beautiful and an exclusive highlight in the bathroom – one of Bette bathroom furnishing’s universal talents. Choose one of our floor-level showers and you will benefit from high-quality materials for an exceptionally relaxing shower experience.

Ground level showers made of excellent materials - be carefree!

There are many reasons to choose a shower made of glazed titanium steel. Floor-level installation eliminates tripping hazards and the bathroom ambience has a uniform and more spacious appearance. The immaculate, glass-hard surface withstands knocks and blows, heat, chemicals and UV radiation. So, you can enjoy your floor-level shower for a long time and benefit from its lasting value!

3 good reasons to install a shower tray made of glazed titanium steel

  1. Robust surface: Should the shower head slip out of your hand, your ground-level shower tray will not be damaged.
  2. Easy cleaning: Virtually no bacteria or dirt can settle on the non-porous, smooth texture. In addition: No aggressive cleaners are needed – this protects the environment.
  3. Ecological production: The glazed titanium steel is recyclable, which means that all our products have a high ecological balance. We also make sure that most of the electricity used in our manufacture comes from our own production.

Arguments for installing the shower tray at ground level:

  1. No tripping hazards
  2. Spacious appearance
  3. Angular corners, it fits in like a big tile

How can you install a floor-level shower in your bathroom?

Floor-level showers can be elegantly integrated into your bathroom – regardless of whether you have plenty of space or only a little. Our BetteFloor corner showers, for example, are particularly space-saving and fit comfortably into the corner of a room. As our models vary in shape, bathrooms can be individually furnished to suit any floor space and the available space is used optimally.

Among the classics in the area of ground-level showers are our rectangular showers, which can even offer space for two thanks to their variable dimensions. If you are looking for a space-saving model, our quarter-circle showers will suit your needs. The curved shape requires little space and, at the same time, sets a modern accent in the bathroom.

If you are looking for a custom-made product with special dimensions or specific features, we can also help you make this ground-level shower tray dream come true.

How can a shower be installed at ground level?

Particularly high-quality, robust and also soundproof – these are the features of our Bette floor-level showers. And installing and maintaining the floor-level shower trays is very easy thanks to our reliable Universal installation system.

Discover floor-level shower trays for your individual bathroom

No two showers are the same. You can design your bathroom according to your individual ideas or the space available. In smaller bathrooms, for example, pentagonal showers cut a good figure, as they integrate fabulously without making the bathroom smaller, since the floor-level shower trays can be colour-matched to the tiles and thus, hardly stand out from the rest of the floor.

Depending on the model, ground-level shower trays can also be used without a glass wall as a partition, creating an open and fresh ambience. A further important advantage of ground-level showers is their barrier-free nature. They can be used comfortably by young and old – without the risk of tripping.

Our customers are also delighted with the easy cleaning of the floor-level showers. The modern shower tray shape is much easier to clean than tiled floor-level showers. Whereas stubborn dirt gets caught in the shower channel and also in the joints of the tiled models, the floor-level showers are made of glazed titanium steel, on which hardly any dirt settles. A gradient for drainage is also already integrated. Enjoy your shower without joints!

Your Bette shower tray: level with the floor, graceful & made of glazed titanium steel

You can expect these advantages with a floor-level shower tray from Bette:

  • cover the sensitive shower area without joints
  • have a robust, glass-like surface that dirt cannot take hold on
  • are easy to clean
  • reliably protect the building envelope from water penetration
  • are permanently revisable and a sustainable investment in quality and longevity

Find your perfect Bette ground-level shower tray

Please contact us if you have any questions about the installation or the individual models of our ground-level shower trays. Bette’s bathroom dealer will be happy to help you and advise you on the right shower tray accessories.