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Shower trays from Bette: the fusion of design and function

Do you enjoy taking a hot shower after work or sports and letting the exhausting day drip off you? Do you like to get an early kick of freshness for the perfect start to the day? With Bette’s special shower trays, you not only have a firm hold under your feet, the multi-faceted models also offer you a wide range of design options for your bathroom.

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Your dream shower tray made of exclusive material

Unlike conventional shower trays, Bette models are made of titanium steel, which is then coated with BetteGlasur®. As a result, the shower trays not only have an elegant design, the surface of the shower base is also particularly resistant and can withstand scratches, excessive heat, UV radiation and chemicals. Thus, the shower tray, for both a rectangular shower or a pentagonal shower, withstands all the influences of everyday life and can be used by you for years in unaltered beauty. A further plus: the surface texture is very hard and non-porous, making it easy to clean and preventing bacteria from breeding.

The material of the shower trays is resistant to:

  • Scratches and bumps
  • UV radiation
  • Chemicals
  • Excessive heat
  • Bacteria and germs

In addition, we have ensured that the sound transmission to the building fabric is reduced in our high-quality shower trays. Thanks to intelligent installation systems, you can shower in peace and quiet without disturbing anyone. In our shower tray accessories, there are also further possibilities to design your shower even more individually according to your own taste and to make it even more slip-resistant, for example.

Impressive variety: Bette gets shower trays into shape

Would you like your bathroom to be angular or round, strikingly colourful or do you prefer straight lines and white? Regardless of what personal demands you make on your perfect shower tray, we will meet them! The floor-level showers are especially popular, which make daily access to the shower easier, not only for elderly people or people who are dependent on a wheelchair. In addition to the flat, barrier-free shower trays, our range also includes elevated showers that you can also use for pampering foot baths. These designer shower trays can be integrated into your bathroom in various exciting variations, e.g. with a round or square entrance.

Even if your bathroom is very small, with Bette shower trays you won’t miss out on any comfort. The space-saving quarter-circle showers, for example, nestle into the corner of your bathroom and angular corner showers allow you to make even better use of your space. As every centimetre count in the planning, we also offer you our individual custom-made products, which can help you adapt the shower trays to the space in your bathroom. The different dimensions and shapes of the luxurious shower surfaces also offer sufficient flexibility for you to design your own unique shower.

Set colour accents with Bette shower trays

Bathroom furniture does not always have to be classically white. With shower trays, etc. in unusual colours, you can design your individual bathroom in classic or extravagant – we offer you a large selection of bathroom elements. Glossy or matt, discreet or extravagantly colourful – with the large selection of different shades for your shower tray you can achieve impressive effects.

With Bette's advice regarding the ideal shower tray

Our floor-level and deep shower trays made of glazed titanium steel offer you the highest level of comfort and a well-thought-out design that can be perfectly integrated into your home. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. You can also search online for the dealers in your area who offer our high-quality shower trays and find your favourite.